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claws-mail and smime plugin issue

I had s/mime working some times ago. After a few upgrades (pacman -Syu) it works but very strange. When I start claws-mail and trying to make new signed letter it fails with message:

Could not queue message for sending:
Signature failed: Secret key not found (End of file)

Then I click some encrypted message, claws-mail says "Could not decrypt: No secret key" (I read message in SENT folder and this is right - I have no key for reading this messages - I sent it to other persone and I have no his key). After that I start again new signed letter and it is sending with no problem (with asking passphrase and signing and then it is signed on the recipient side).

I have gpg-agent and I did all by the howto Running claws-mail --debug did not say anything usefull.

What can be the reason of this issue ?

I use s/mime very seldome


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