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Problems copying arch installation to different hardware

I am using archlinux x86_64 on my desktop and really love it.
My current desktop installation has evolved over a year period, so I was thinking of copying it to my laptop also.

I first thought of the obvious way i.e. as I use rsync to have full backup of my arch installtion on the same desktop and it do work as separate installation if open separately by new entry from grub.
By same analogy I attached my laptop hard-disk and made a partition on it and rsynced my desktop arch_installation on it.

Again everything went well. I installed new grub on laptop, changed grub.cfg and fstab according to the new UUID's.
Only problem I am having is of different hardware.

I have Ati card in my laptop as opposed to nvidia in my desktop. Also there is some difference in Sound cards. CPU in my desktop is AMD Phenom ii X6 1090T and laptop has AMD Turion-X2. Both are 64 bit capable machines.

When i chrooted to new laptop installation from arch live disk and tried to remove all nvidia drivers searching using {pacman -Qe | grep nvidia} to change to ati catalyst driver
i get many things that are dependent on those packages and even if i try to remove those dependencies, then those dependency show many other dependencies, so it feels like one by one I have to uninstall many things to change to ATI driver and again install all those things back

Is there a short way to do this in which I don't have to uninstall dependencies and can easily shift to ati drivers from nvidia
Also any suggestions on how I can easily resolve general hardware conflicts, primarly of graphics card and sound card.



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Re: Problems copying arch installation to different hardware

See here on how to uninstall the nvidia proprietary driver. These should also help: … g_packages … w_hardware

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