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CPU + Mobo switch without reinstall?

If I upgraded motherboard and CPU, would I need to reinstall Arch? On a MS Windows install this would break the SATA controller..


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Re: CPU + Mobo switch without reinstall?

With the generic arch kernel/modules, I think you should be OK. I would switch anything in your bootloader and fstab over to labels or uuids beforehand. It could break things like xorg configuration or network configurations, but those are easy enough to fix.

Edit: if you're going from BIOS to EFI, all bets are off as far as the bootloader goes. I don't know enough about EFI on that.

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Re: CPU + Mobo switch without reinstall?

I went from a P45 board (bios) to a Z77 board (EFI).  It has legacy mode and could boot no problem.  Eventually converted over to EFI.  Enjoy.

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Re: CPU + Mobo switch without reinstall?

You'd be stuck if you tried to do that in Windows.  If you are using 64-bits and tried to run your installation on 32-bits (don't know why you would), that should be the only problem.  Of course, if you change video cards, you'll need to add the xorg package for that.

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