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[XORG] "dynamic" multiseat possible?

What I've done so far:

* I have two graphics cards in my computer, one is connected to two monitors, the other to the television.
* I have setup layouts in xorg configuration for both these cards following:
* Both setups work fine individually and when started by gdm (old gdm, autologin for user 'media' on television, login screen on monitors)
* I can then use x2x to share mouse from the montior side with the television.

What I would like to have:
* On startup, I want to start a single xserver (the monitor setup) only.
* Then, I would like to issue a command that starts the second xserver only when I need it (with the possibility of different layouts/resolutions)

The problem:
* Once one xserver is running, I can start a second one only on another virtual console. While the primary xserver is running on vc7 (Strg+Alt+F7) I can start a new one on the second graphics card on vc8 but I would like to be able to view both on them simultaneously like it works with gdm (or other login managers)

Since it works fine with gdm I assume there is a way to achive this but I ran out ouf ideas. Any help is appreciated.

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