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Multitouch with the HP Imagepad

This is my first post on the archlinux fora, so I'm not really sure of how unique my problem should be to merit a separate post.

I recently installed arch on a new HP Envy 17.  It uses an HP ImagePad with support of up to 5-touch gestures.  Unfortunately, while the typical synaptics driver works fine for 1-finger tap/drag, 2-finger tap/drag, and 3-finger tap, it fails to recognize anything else.  HP does not distribute any instance of Synaptics Gesture Suite for my hardware.  The evdev driver does not work, so touchegg is not a valid solution.  Ginn works, but only for the same gestures as the default synaptics driver.  The synaptics multitouch passthrough package only passes these gestures through, as well.

Essentially, I have been completely unable to find a way of getting software to support my touchpad's multitouch capabilities.  Has anyone heard of anything that might work?


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