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#1 2005-09-06 14:44:27

Schwag Merchant
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WMII session configuration

Hey guys,

Wmii talks about session configuration, but I'm not sure how to go about it. I suppose you could issue some commands in one of the config files (~/.wmii/rc?). But I don't really know which commands to help choose clients.

This is what I do every single time I start up my system. I'd like to automate it. Anybody know how I can make this happen automatically:

1. start gkrellm, firefox, gaim, and an xterm
2. apply tile layout (actually, this is the default layout)
3. make gkrellm floating (ftoggle command)
4. swap clients until I have firefox in the main tile, gaim in the top right tile, and the xterm in the bottom right tile

I haven't tried to automate this at all, but I foresee one problem: Gaim opens that extra window while its logging in accounts. So for a while there are five windows open on the screen instead of the four I mention above...




#2 2005-09-06 18:59:59

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Re: WMII session configuration

I've never really heard anything about session configuration in WMII. A good idea would be writing your startup commands (gkrellm &, etc) to .wmii/defsession and source it from ~/.wmii/wmirc. Can't be too much of a stretch to have that file automatically generated, either, since the ixp filesystem gives binary names(try browsing into the /wm/page directory). As far as the technical stuff goes, it's definitely possible once you familiarize yourself with wmir.

I foresee one problem: Gaim opens that extra window while its logging in accounts.

Look at wmirc, under "some broken WIMP apps". You want to create a rule for gaim's login window:

wmir create /wm/default/client/'Gaim:Login'/manage 0

I don't know if 'Login' will work, you might want to look at what xprop can tell you about that window. That will float it, even over a tiled workspace.

Hope it helps big_smile


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