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Gmail with offlineimap

I have been trying to get this working for a few days now, and I think maybe some detail is just escaping me. I'm backing up my Gmail accounts with offlineimap, and accessing them using mutt. The backup works fine, i.e. no connection problems, messages downloaded, everything where it's 'supposed' to be. The thing is, I can't get mutt to play nicely with these backups. I have no idea how the Maildir hierarchy works with Gmail -- I have INBOX, [google mail], Important, and a couple of other directories, then inside [google mail] is a slew of other directories, and checking the files within seems to indicate a lot of redundancy. I understand there is a feature of offlineimap to rename or alias folders, and to not backup certain folders. Would someone be willing to explain how this works? Preferably, if someone could explain how they currently have offlineimap working with Gmail to get folders in a hierarchy usable by mutt that would be ideal. I have been tearing through man pages and help files, and have read every article I could find on the issue. I don't think my problem is so much the 'what', but the 'why' and 'how'. I'd appreciate any help.


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Re: Gmail with offlineimap

Patrick Brisbin's git repo really helped me when I was setting up mutt.

Check out the


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