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Empathy doesn't remember any settings

I've been wrestling with this for a while now, and before submitting a bug report to the devs I figured I'd ask here.

I can add accounts to Empathy, and that's fine, but that's where things stop working correctly. I'll input my password and tell it to save it, but then it will ask me for my password again as if I didn't save it -- and then I'll mark it to save, but it won't remember it.

Additionally, I can't change my alias settings in Jabber (for instance, for MUC nickname). This may be a limitation of Empathy (vs. Pidgin that allows you to use /nick in Jabber chat rooms), so if there's nothing to be done there so be it.

I'd prefer to use Empathy over Pidgin, if only due to the fact that it has nice SIP support, so I don't have to resort to using Linphone for my work phone. tongue

fyi I do have gnome-keyring installed, which I understand is required to save all this information.



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Re: Empathy doesn't remember any settings

Hi there smile

Do you have gnome-control-center installed? Try adding a new online account (or deleting the one that's already created, it can creates conficting configurations). If it doesn't work, try to only configure accounts from Empathy. That's what I did to make it work

Best of Luck big_smile

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