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Latex - list all CJK font families

Recently I found out that there are several font families to choose when typing Japanese in latex.
However it's hard to find which fonts are actually avaliable and what to type into \CJKfamily{}
to trigger the desired font.
By searching briefly the dir-tree and list of files … cjk/files/
I tried some names.

1. How do I list all the availiable CJK fonts.
2. Debian has an additonal package latex-cjk-japanese-wadalab claimed to have some improvements.
    Are they included to standard texlive CJK packages?
3. Some of the fonts focus on Chinese, so they miss some of Japanese characters i.e.: kai how to tell one from another?

Minimal working example:

    \usepackage[overlap, CJK]{ruby}

    \parskip 3ex
    \parindent 0pt
    私はテレビを見て風邪をひいています。 --- \textsf{goth}\\
    私はテレビを見て風邪をひいています。 --- \textsf{maru}\\
    私はテレビを見て風邪をひいています。 --- \textsf{song}\\
    私はテレビを見て風邪をひいています。 --- \textsf{mj}\\


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Re: Latex - list all CJK font families

See … eshooting/

I know you are not using xelatex. However, I think that if you have the texlive fonts added to fontconfig's cache, that xelatex will find those which are good for Japanese along with other system fonts which are suitable for Japanese (but won't work with regular latex). I haven't tried this but it looks at least plausible.

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