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#1 2012-10-12 19:14:13

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Swap header not found! on Hibernation

I have Arch installed on an Asus UX32VD and I want to use suspend to disk.

Unfortunaly I didn't create a swap partition so I tried it with a swap file.

Activating suspend to disk doesn't work. dmesg gives me the error "PM: Swap header not found!"

The swap file is at /var/cache/swap/swap0

filefrag -v /var/cache/swap/

Gives me the output:

Filesystem type is: ef53
File size of /var/cache/swap/ is 4096 (1 block, blocksize 4096)
ext logical physical expected length flags
   0       0  2629764               1 eof
/var/cache/swap/: 1 extent found

So I added "resume=/dev/sda2 resume_offset=2629764" to the kernel parameters

Have I forgotten something else?
Thanks a lot for your help

br DX


#2 2012-10-12 21:01:47

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Re: Swap header not found! on Hibernation

The argument passed to filefrag should be the actual swap file, not the directory that it is in:

filefrag -v /var/cache/swap/swap0


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