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Building a triple headed set up


I'm looking at converting my current dual screen set up to a triple screen. I currently own an nvidia GTX510 Ti with two DVI plugs which works really nice.

What are my options in regards to graphics cards? Do I replace my current with one that ships 3 plugs? Add a second card via SLI? How is nvidia SLI support for Linux these days?

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Re: Building a triple headed set up

I have onboard intel with an add on ATI, I've tried everything I can think of and it is tricky to try to get it to work.  Now if you had two cards the same you'd probably have a better chance at it.  I think I'm also going out of the resolution limit of the 4096x4096 but only in one axis.  I can seem to use the addin or the onboard but not both.

Apparently, not many have succeeded with this.

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