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[SOLVED] systemd: ownership/permissions enforcement on /run

I'm running sabnzbd on my laptop, under systemd. I'm also running it as my own user, rather than the sabnzbd user. In order to do this, I need to be able to write a pidfile within /run/sabnzbd/. The permissions on this directory are 0755, and it is owned by sabnzbd:sabnzbd. So, I need the permissions to be 0775, so that my user (in the sabnzbd group) can write to this directory. I chmod'ed it manually, but something seems to be enforcing permissions (and even ownership, as I have also chowned it to my user only to see it return to 0755 and sabnzbd:sabnzbd).

Right now, as a workaround, I have a cronjob running every 5 mins that checks /run/sabnzbd and sets its permissions to 0775 if they are not set that way already. However, I'd like to find a more permanent solution. I've yet to find anything by searching the web, so I don't know if this is sabnzbd enforcing ownership/permissions or if it is something else. If anyone has more insight into this, it would be very much appreciated.

EDIT: Found it. … rary_files

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