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Xdmx - Mouse Will Not Move Outside Host Screen Dimensions - Fixes?

I have spent a few days working on trying to get Xdmx to do what it was ment to do.  I have two laptops that are exactly the same and I have cloned one to the other.  They have onboard intel vid cards.

I have tried this with Archlinux (upgraded) and Debian Wheezy.

I can get Xdmx to connect just fine.  It even shows a desktop.

What I cannot get it to do is let the mouse move to the other screen.  If I drag a window across the screen like I want to put it on the client screen I can get a part of the window to show up on the client screen (depending on where I select it with the mouse).

Things display on the client screen is what I am saying and it appears to be passing the right information back and fourth.

I just cannot get the mouse to move outside the server/host screen.

I created an xorg.conf and tried to adjust the size of the virtual screen but it did not do anything.  I made it something great like 5000xbla.

I know something is telling X or Xdmx that the screen is only so large (i think?) but Xdmx logs state the correct screen size.

Where is the Xdmx upstream at?  I look at the original project page (sourceforge) and no files exist and the project is labeled as inactive.  I know the project is active somewhere.

Thanks ahead of time for any help that you may give.



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