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Miro 5 adds home folder instead of chosen folder

I have been using Miro to keep track of which video files I have already seen and which I haven't. To that purpose I added a few folders to the Miro watch list. (Preferences -> Folders)
Since the upgrade to Miro 5 there is, however, a problem: when I try to add a new folder, It adds my home folder instead. Miro then becomes unresponsive since there is a soft link to my media hard disk in my home folder and it tries to get through the whole disk. Before I understood what was going on it was even worse, since the .wine folder also had some softlinks back to /, so it went into an endless recursion.
I worked around the problem by dowgrading to the last known Miro 4 version (and replacing the .miro folder by the last backup), but recently some dependencies have been renamed (python-pysqlite -> python2-pysqlite and similar), so keeping the downgraded version would have stopped me from staying up to date with other packages.

I am wondering why there are no bug reports regarding this, since it seems like an error that should have been noticed before. Someday soon I should post a bug report at the developers' site, but before that I wanted to see if anyone else can reproduce it or has already noticed the problem.
Warning: If you were using miro for some other purpose before and want to test if you can reproduce the error, make a backup of .miro beforehand. Also, it might be helpful to start miro from a terminal, so it is easier to kill it.


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