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X11 Xlib, Drawing in a window has no effect in archlinux

I'm trying to draw some lines and rectangles in a window but the window background color remains white. There are no issues in ubuntu 10.04 LTS with xlib 1.4.? but in archlinux and fedora.

In Fedora I did a strace and ltrace and for some reason the lines and rectangles were drawn then. Executing the same "ltrace ./test" hadn't the same effect in archlinux, the window remained unchanged.

ltrace in fedora
strace in fedora

I have no more ideas how to proceed to fix this issue. Did something change in xlib what I'm not aware of?

Here's the source and here's the issue.

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Re: X11 Xlib, Drawing in a window has no effect in archlinux

Works for me using libx11 1.5.0-1 according to pacman. Don't have ltrace or strace installed.

(Edit: Although your source link is broken for me. I found it by git-cloning your repo.)

Have you run pacman -Syu recently?

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Re: X11 Xlib, Drawing in a window has no effect in archlinux

The link also failed for me, but I believe I found what you were talking about.  It also fails for me, but I found if I put a  "sleep(1)" after the call to your own create_gc function it worked.

I thought to try this as I found it odd to be passing a whole GC as a return value of a function.  I'm surprised this would lead to a delay, but it seems to be the case.  Passing a pointer to an allocated block for the GC would be better - or just declare it globally.

Edit: nevermind the second part, that didn't hold up to testing.  The first part is, however, repeatable.

Edit2: An XFlush at the end of the create_gc function solves this for me.

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