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#1 2005-09-11 13:42:58

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List of new mods

· 01-last-visit-profiles.diff
Adds the users last visit date to their profile

· 02-last-visit-memberlist.diff
Adds the users last visit date to the memberslist.  People who have registered but never logged in are shown as "never".  Admin may use this to remove users.

· 03-get-last-X-hours.diff
Provides links to search for the last 12, 24 and 48 hours posts, good if your since last visit breaks

· 04-glance-support.diff
Glance provides syndication of forum announcements to the index page.

· 05-arch-icons.diff
Fixes the path for the wiki,doc,bugs icons and adds planet

· 06-multi-bbcode.diff
Allows installation of new bbcode options

· 07-buttons-bbcode.diff
Provides buttons for bbcode options installed using multi-bbcode

· 08-google-bbcode.diff
Adds google bbcode

· 09-search-bbcode.diff
Adds bbcode to search the forum itself

· 10-mod-bbcode.diff
Adds bbcode to tag moderator changes, the button is visible to all users but can;t only be used by mods

· 11-ignore-hide-forum.diff
Allows users to ignore forums on an individual basis - threads from ignored forums do not show up in seach

· 12-disable-post-count.diff
Disable posts increments for certain forums (TU and Off-Topic)

· 13-search.diff
Some tweaks to the search.pho

· 14-ban-posting.diff
Allows admin and moderators to remove a users posting rights, allowing read only access to the board

· 15-admin-icon.diff
Adds an icon to the main menu access the admin panel (admin only)

· 16-moderate-icon.diff
Adds a button to moderate the current forum on both topic and forum views (mod/admin only)

· 17-register-login-page.diff
Provides a registration link on the login page

· 18-horiz-topic-bold-post.diff
Removes the topics and posts columns on teh fourm index and instead displays the information under the forum description.

· 19-RSS-icon.diff
Adds an RSS icon and link to topic_anywhere.php - the RSS feed generator

· 20-edit-faq.diff
Links in admin panel to edit Forum and bbcode FAQs

· 21-since-last-count.diff
Adds the number of post since last visit to the "View posts since last visit" link

· 22-wiki-bbcode.diff
Adds bbcode to seach the ArchWiki and wikipedia

· 23-double-post.diff
Prevents people from posting the exact same message twice - should account for common browser screw-ups and some abuse practices

· 24-mod-panel-icon.diff
Adds an icon to the main menu access a reduced admin panel (mods only)

· 25-adsense.diff
Reformats the google adsense banners to allow the site to be viewed correctly in small windows or at lower resolution


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