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syslog not enabled by default in systemd setup

I installed Arch Linux from the 2012.10.6 iso, using systemd, and following the new, lengthy instructions.  Made separate partitions for /var, /boot, and /home.  Used btrfs on all of them.  The system works fine, so far, except that most of the log files are missing.  dmesg works.  I intend this machine to be a server, so it has php-fpm and Apache, but not X Windows.

This is what I have in /var/log:

btmp  faillog  httpd/  journal/  lastlog  old/  pacman.log  php-fpm.log  wtmp

Where is messages.log?  Checking further, I found that the syslog (actually syslog-ng) service was never enabled.  Soon as I activated syslog, messages.log and the rest of the usual files were created.  Also, cron (cronie) was not enabled, which means no logrotate.  Even if I missed something in the instructions, shouldn't syslog and cron be enabled by default?

Issues like this have me wondering if systemd is such a good idea.  Making logging enabled by default ought to be easy enough to do, and shouldn't be a reason to back away from systemd.  But systemd has other issues.  It's Linux specific-- needs kernel features that are only in Linux.  So it won't work with FreeBSD.  From what I've read on LKML, the push towards systemd comes from the udev developers, who it seems are causing problems.  udev was not supposed to depend on systemd, and now it will.


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Re: syslog not enabled by default in systemd setup

you don't need syslog, you have the journal.


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Re: syslog not enabled by default in systemd setup

Have you read e.g. … md_Journal ?

The last paragraph of your post was unnecessary as it's a rant and the issues you raised were covered multiple times already.


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