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Request for testing new custom repo: Equinox Desktop Environment

Hi, everybody!

I'm not quite sure where to put this on the forums, but I guess this is the place fitting it best.

The Equinox Desktop Environment is an extremely light-weight DE based upon the FLTK toolkit. There are PKGBUILDs for both of its packages on the AUR for quite a while and they work well.

As one would expect with followers of very light-weight approaches, I don't want unnecessary ballast on my productive system (like the build tools from base-devel). While trying to dig a little deeper into how Arch works, I set up my first local repo. Since that worked well, I got in contact with EDE's developer and asked him if he'd mind to set up a custom Arch repo. He agreed and now it's up.

However I'm just a new Archer and certainly not yet familiar with everything. So before doing something wrong, I'd rather ask if anybody could donate a few minutes to testing this and tell me if he thinks that there's a problem with it or whether everything is ok. In the later case, I'll add the new custom repo to the wiki.

If you want to test it, this is what has to be added to pacman.conf:

Server =$arch

The package that is to be installed (pulls in the rest except for xorg-server) is called ede.

So, any feedback is very welcome. Thanks for your time!

P.S.: Does anybody have an idea why the wiki page for EDE (see link at the top of the post) has Category:Desktop environments but does not appear in the list on the category page? Even stranger: When I first added the new article, it was there. The article has been edited since, but these edits have changed nothing about the category. Why is it gone now? hmm


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Re: Request for testing new custom repo: Equinox Desktop Environment

ok, i'll give it a try. smile

just looking around. wink


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