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python3-NIST: modules and tools for working with NIST scientific data

Project page:

This package provides tools for querying and working with data from NIST. It uses SciNum to represent physical constants and other data with units and uncertainty. It is intended for anyone who wants to script scientific calculations, generate reports, do quick dimensional analysis, etc.

The package also provides command-line tools for querying data. You can use nist-phys-const to look up any physical constant and you can use nist-isotopes to find any isotope or get the standard weight of any element or molecule.

$ nist-phys_const '%boltz%'
                    Quantity                        Value     Uncertainty     Unit   
----------------------------------------------- ------------- ----------- -----------
Boltzmann constant                              1.3806488e-23   1.3e-29   J K^-1     
Boltzmann constant in eV/K                      8.6173324e-5    7.8e-11   eV K^-1    
Boltzmann constant in Hz/K                      2.0836618e+10   1.9e+4    Hz K^-1    
Boltzmann constant in inverse meters per kelvin 6.9503476e+1    6.3e-5    m^-1 K^-1  
Stefan-Boltzmann constant                       5.670373e-8     2.1e-13   W m^-2 K^-4

$ nist-isotopes -w Fe Cr CH3CH2OH
Formula   Weight  Uncertainty
-------- -------- -----------
Fe       55.845     ±0.002   
Cr       51.9961    ±0.0006  
CH3CH2OH 46.06844   ±0.00232 

Here's a simple example of how to calculate the pressure of an ideal gas.
Check the project page for more information.

I think this and SciNum have potential. Please spread the word about them.

As always, questions, comments, feedback, etc are welcome.

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