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Thinkpad X200 battery issues


I know there are related topics already but I was recommended to start a new one on this. Is there any progress on this? I just installed arch for the first time ( used debian before ) on my x200 and it's running at 14W-17W which is really high in my opinion. I don't even an hour and a half like this! I've read a lot and tried a lot of option but I can't manage to get the consumption down. I use tlp, I set the i915 R6 and frame buffer compresion kernel parameters, undervolted my cpu to vids 24 21 0 0,...

Other topic:

These sources manage to get down to 7W - 6.5W: … linux.html

Here is a PowerTop 2.1 log:

A tlp-stat log:

Some specific questions:
Is there a good way to make those powertop tunables stick after setting them?
The CPU supports state C6.. why isn't it in powertop? Is it used? This would make a big! difference if it's not.
Might just by in my head but I'm under the impression that right after the install the power consumption and CPU temp was better ( 9W-10W like ), now I hear the fan all of the time. Maybe I done something to make it worse? ( didn't have xcompmgr & such then ).

All help would be greatly appriciated.. my laptop is not really useable atm since it won't last more than 1 hour on a charge ( I know my battery is seriously worn but that's not the main issue. )



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Re: Thinkpad X200 battery issues


It seems the x220 have some problem with the latest kernel... you may have a look here:


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