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#1 2005-09-14 13:15:45

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New Announcement Guidelines (READ BEFORE POSTING)


I am attempting to improve the way we share importnat news via the forums.  As you can see I have added the "glance" mod to the index page of the forums.  glance syndicates threads from certain boards.  Currently the two boards syndicated are this Announcements board and the Package and Security Advisory board.

Firstly I want to revamp the Package and Security Advisory board.  I want people who have upgrade problems to post in a different area and I want to provide an area for TUs and Devs to announce Package and Security Advisories!  I think this is maybe best done via the current Announcements board, necessitating a name change.

Another suggested change to the Announcements board includes tagging of threads regarding their content e.g. [pkg] for a package advisory, [sec] for a security advisory and [news] for news, etc.  Threads should also be tagged with the date.

e.g. [news 200509 - 14] Changes to Announcements board

And before anyone points it out, yup, this is a rip off of the way gentoo-forums manage their announcements but it is a basis to start from and I think we can do better!

Lastly using phpbb to mark threads as announcements when they are in the annoucements forum seems a little asinine - we should stick to stickies for all but the most high profile information.


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Re: New Announcement Guidelines (READ BEFORE POSTING)

G'Day Dibble

Excellent idea.  I believe if there is a better way out there, and you don't use it then the door is open to critisizm.  I congratulate you for taking the steps to enhance this forum  big_smile


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