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Applications crashing/not starting after update to Gnome3.6

So, I updated to Gnome3.6 two days ago and since then serveral applications aren't working properly anymore:
Pidgin crash when I try opening a conversations window (only tried with ICQ) - interestingly deleting and readding the ICQ-account works as a temporary solution (until the next reboot).
Winefish shortly shows that it is starting and then disapears.
gnome-tweak-tools and gnome-control-center don't start.
audacious crashs when I try opnening the settinggs as well as tring to access the details for a song.
Nautilus crashs when opening the properties of a file or directory.
GIMP crashes when opening an image or creating a new image.

I suspect that all these actions invoke the same troublesome funktion...

I tried deinstalling gnome and reinstalling it, but that didn't change anything.


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