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pacdep: Package Dependencies listing

Sometimes I wonder about a package and its dependencies, and more specifically the (installed) size of it all. For a simple list of a package's dependencies, pactree is a great tool that does the job fine.

But when I'm wondering about the size, something else is needed. In fact, quite a few times I've found myself doing a `pacman -S/-Rs package` in order to know either how much size a package (and its "exclusive" (as in not needed by any other packages) dependencies) are eating up, or how much would be needed to install them.

This isn't, however, an ideal solution, obviously. It does require root privileges, even though I don't go through with the transaction, and adds useless entry in pacman.log So I started thinking about it a bit, fast-forward a little and here comes pacdep.

pacdep is a small tool that will allow you to quickly see how much space is being used/required by a package (and its dependencies). By default, it will give the installed size of the package, its exclusive dependencies, and its shared dependencies; Optional dependencies can be included as well. You can have dependencies of a group listed, in which case the packages name and installed size will be shown.

There's also a reverse mode, to go the other way around and list packages that (optionaly) require the specified packages.

Quick example:

% pacdep -eo git
git                      17.24 MiB ( 20.71 MiB)
Exclusive dependencies:   2.76 MiB
 perl-convert-binhex  56.00 KiB
 perl-error           76.00 KiB
 perl-io-socket-ssl  140.00 KiB
 perl-io-stringy     148.00 KiB
 perl-mailtools      204.00 KiB
 perl-net-ssleay       1.93 MiB
 perl-timedate       228.00 KiB
Optional dependencies:  732.00 KiB
 perl-authen-sasl  188.00 KiB
 perl-mime-tools   500.00 KiB
 perl-net-smtp-ssl  44.00 KiB
Shared dependencies:     20.09 MiB
Total dependencies:      23.57 MiB ( 40.81 MiB)

- Slightly more verbose description w/ a few examples
- Source code

Hopefully someone may find it useful; And of course bug reports, suggestions or any other form of constructive criticism is very much welcome.



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