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python-pyalsaaudio with thinkpad soundcard

Hi all,
I've been trying to install a system tray volume control and I've run into a bit of a problem. Most of the system tray volume controllers have a line somewhere that lists the available mixers as such this one in volti's

for card_index, card_name in enumerate(self.acards):
    for count, mixer in enumerate(alsa.mixers(card_index)):

My thinkpad has three cards, 'Intel', 'NVidia', and 'ThinkPadEC'. The last card, 'ThinkPadEC', has no mixers. When mixers(2) is called for this card an exception is thrown:

alsaaudio.ALSAAudioError: No such file or directory

I've gotten around this problem by simply qualifying every call to mixers() with an

if card_index > 1: continue

however this is hardly an elegant solution.

Any suggestions?


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