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virtualbox problems after kernel upgrade

i tried the wiki and they had mentioned the issue and given the solution but me being dumb enough couldnt understood how !!

so here is what they are saying -

Startup problems because of mount failures
If you experience problems in a [[systemd] setup after a kernel upgrade, you should start the system with init=/bin/bash (if the emergency shell doesn't work for you).

root=/dev/mapper/vg_main-lv_root ro vga=792 resume=/dev/mapper/vg_main-lv_swap init=/bin/bash
Then mount the root-filesystem with write access:

# mount / -o remount,rw
Change /etc/fstab according to VirtualBox#Shared Folders as Arch Linux Guest. Then exec systemd with in the bash shell:

# exec /bin/systemd

can anybody help me with this ?


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