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Awmodoro - clutter-free Pomodoro sessions in Awesome WM

They are handy - all the widgets and gadgets for cpu, temperatures and what not I have configured in Awesome WM.
Although, sometimes I just want to focus - on a single task and then, even the current time and date is a distraction.

So I made this.

This combines the pomodoro technique with a distraction free desktop environment.

With a single keyboard shortcut clutter (wiboxes) is hidden and instead a small 4px (configurable) progressbar is shown counting towards whatever session duration one sets.

Upon completion one is returned to ones normal environment.

One can pause and even prematurely end the pomodoro session, but hopefully though, because one now becomes so superfocused one won't ever use that shortcut ;-)

Awmodoro is in itself a very simple timer (with a progress bar ui) specifically made with regards to the "Pomodoro Technique". It can be used as a regular widget, however - awmodoro provides the user with hooks allowing lua-code to be executed at start and end of each session. This allows for setup and teardown of distraction free environments.

The basic idea is to at start
* hide clutter (widgets/wibox)
* show a very out-of-our-way and subtle indication of elapsed and left time

and at stop
* bring back user to the real world

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