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#1 2012-11-09 13:29:33

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Not able to using arch-chroot /mnt?

    I am doing my arch linux installation. Initially i i done arch-chroot /mnt ..i entered into a shell prompt, where i did the wiki instruction.At the time of grub-bios installation when i run the command it shows multilib is not uptodate, so exit out of shell and run pacman base base-devel again..
I thought it updating multilib. Now i am not able to enter as early using arch-chroot /mnt..its saying API for this file system doesn't exist...

I need to continue with my installation in shell prompt.How can i  accomplish that?



#2 2012-11-09 18:08:25

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Re: Not able to using arch-chroot /mnt?

I am really not sure what you did.  I think you are saying that you exited out of the chroot, and then tried to reinstall base and base-devel?  Not only that, but from what you indicated, you tried to install it to the live environment... I think you need to list exactly what you did and exactly what the errors you are getting are.

Mount your root partition and list its contents to see if everything is still there.  For example, if you mounted on /mnt, do "$ ls /mnt "


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Re: Not able to using arch-chroot /mnt?

Judging by your other threads, you resolved this problem. Is that correct? If so, please explain what you did for other readers and mark the thread [solved].

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