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Intel HD3000: Graphics very glitchy and always flickering

Hello, I posted this problem in the Multimedia section but it got no attention, so I'll try my luck here:

I have a laptop with an Intel HD3000 as primary graphics card and a NVidia GT540M as secondary graphics.
I never played games in Linux using the Intel graphics card, or I either play in Windows or I either use Bumblebee, but recently I tried to run my games on Linux using the Intel's card and the results are very weird, the graphics are always glitchy and are always flickering in whatever game I'm playing.

I tried Portal 2 through Wine and I took a couple of screenshots:
In the first screenshot, the 3D models of the game collide and trespass into each other and in the second one they start to flick.
I tried Team Fortress 2 through Wine and the results are similar to this ones.

I also tried World of Goo (native binaries through the new Steam for Linux). At first everything seemed smooth and clear but when I returned to the main menu I only saw this:
With Amnesia Dark Descent (Steam for Linux) everything seemed fine at first too, but when I advanced though the game, the graphics started to glitch like in the World of Goo.

When I tried to run Steam Linux Big Picture, the fancy effects of the buttons are also glitchy:

But if I use the NVidia card, with the optirun command, everything runs as it should be.

I use KDE 4.9 with the effects on and I never noticed anything out of ordinary. My system is fully updated and I'm not using any testing package. I'm also not using the SNA acceleration or the RC6 trick in the kernel line, I'm using the default UXA accelaration.

What could the problem be? Is it fixable?


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