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#1 2012-11-10 22:10:43

From: Belluno (Italy)
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Lack of support for rtl8187

Hi, i know that the lack of the driver rtl8187 is a known issue, i've an Alfa Usb wifi adapter Awus036h whch loses the connection each times i start a download. I've tried following the commands written on the Wiki but with no results. I fixed the problem only on Arch i686 using ndiswrapper and Windows Xp_32 bit driver for the adapter (on Arch x86_64 i get a kernel panic with the same driver of Wind_64bit).
I noticed that using Ubuntu there isn't this problem and i don't get any disconnection. Maybe due to the differences between the two  kernels, but how can we get the Ubuntu's advantages of rtl8187 into Arch too?

Thanks, Marco

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#2 2012-11-19 17:03:46

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Re: Lack of support for rtl8187

Hi Marco,

Same issues here.. Rtl8187 is driving me mad smile

Did you make any progress on Arch x86_64 and ndiswrapper?

I'm currently using rtl8187 from compat-wireless-snp AUR package. Seems to work a bit better than kernel stock.

Also, i noticed, setting :

sudo iwconfig [w_iface] retry 255

greatly imporves rtl8187 behaviour..



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