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very slow window move / resizing with catalyst


today i set up a new arch system with a radeon 6870 gpu.

i installed the proprietary catalyst driver with

pacman -S catalyst-dkms catalyst-utils

then i disabled kms ( "nomodeset" kernel option )

after that i created a xorg.conf with

aticonfig --initial

now the xorg server starts and the performance in flashplayer or mplayer is allright but the movement or resize of a window is insanely slow and takes 100% of the cpu (running an overclocked Core2Quad Q6600 @ 3,6 Ghz).

the last hours i tried to fix that problem, but i couldnt solve it yet.

i have no idea what may cause the problem, so iam posting it here in hope that someone can help my figuring this out.

unfortunately i dont know which output could be relevant, so please tell me what to post.

btw iam using the latest packages:


thank you in advance.

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