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#1 2012-11-12 00:33:17

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Hang at Booting the Kernel

Arch is installed, updated and running.  For a variety of reasons I have decided to do a fresh install.  Downloaded the November release, verified checksum, wrote to usb flash drive, rebooted system, chose x86_64.

Boots to "Booting the Kernel" then hangs.

Rebooted, chose i686, boots to prompt.

Re downloaded iso, verified checksum, wrote to dvd, booted, same issue.  Booted dvd in different 64 bit system, chose x86_64 boots to prompt.

Motherboard - Asus Sabertooth 990FX

Any suggestions?


#2 2012-11-12 01:53:25

Lord Bo
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Re: Hang at Booting the Kernel

Try to adjust some of the boot options using grub. Here is an excerpt from the gentoo documentation concerning the gentoo live cd:

Gentoo Linux x86 Quick Install Guide wrote:

Booting the CD

Press F2 at the boot screen to find out what boot options exist. You can either start gentoo or gentoo-nofb, the latter disables the framebuffer. If you booted the LiveCD, don't forget to add the nox option to prevent the X graphical environment from starting. Several options allow to enable or disable some features. If all goes well, your hardware will be detected and all modules will be loaded. If the kernel fails to boot properly or if your computer hangs during the boot procedure, you may have to experiment with different configurations. The safest way is probably to use the nodetect option and then load required modules explicitly.

Maybe that helps for arch linux too.



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