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#1 2012-11-12 15:06:27

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Can't suspend to RAM because of a 'missing' libx86

Dear sir or madam,

I recently swapped from i686 to x86_64, a task surprisingly quick and easy to perform.
Everything is going pretty well, except that I can't hibernate anymore. It appears that the s2ram program requires a library named '', which is properly installed on my computer, yet cannot be loaded by said program.

Here is the output of the hibernate-ram command:

s2ram: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
s2ram: unknown machine, see s2ram(8) and the USuspendRamForce option
hibernate-ram: Aborting.

I do have a file named in /usr/lib, and it is indeed the one installed by the libx86 package.
Would you kindly help me to solve this problem ?

Thank you.


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Re: Can't suspend to RAM because of a 'missing' libx86

It seems that s2ram is from uswsusp-git from the AUR - try recompiling and reinstalling the package so that the resulting binary is linked against your new x86_64 libs.


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Re: Can't suspend to RAM because of a 'missing' libx86

Also, in the future, if you find you need a particular file and want to know what package to install to get it, falconindy made a pretty awesome little utility called pkgfile. 

$  pkgfile

It took me quite a while of using Arch to find that little gem.

Oh yeah, and about your problem, have you tried suspending with normal suspend?  Like maybe

$ systemctl suspend 

or if there are multiple users logged in you may have to issue the command as root (but then why would you be suspending the computer on another user?).


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