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Lxde logout woes, cannot log out

I just reinstalled arch ~3 weeks ago and have managed to get everything working to my satisfaction with relative ease without bothering the forums for answers(forced to to learn quite a bit, poking around in config files).

There are however, 2 outstanding issues which have been plaguing me. Much to my dismay, I have yet to find a solution and am now asking for help.

The first is to either related to lxde or lxpanel, im not actually sure.

This is my ~/.config/lxpanel/default/panels/panel

Basically, whenever I click logout on the panel, I get an error message "logout command is not set"

Plugin {
    type = menu
    Config {
        system {
        separator {
        item {
        separator {
        item {

I have modified this file several times, according to the arch wiki "lxde-logout" or "lxsession-logout" should be  sufficient to drop me back to the login-manager, LXDM Sadly, I get the same error message with either, "login-command not set".

Just make sure I am not insane and actually have the script installed:

llathander@Darkstar ~ $ locate lxde-logout

Yup, its there.  Stumped.

The most baffling part about all of this is I am using LXDE, so theoretically, just typing the command into the terminal should log me out. However,

llathander@Darkstar ~ $ lxde-logout
Error: LXSession is not running.
llathander@Darkstar ~ $ lxsession-logout
Error: LXSession is not running.

Even better,

llathander@Darkstar ~ $ lxsession
Only one lxsession can be executed at a time

At this point I can only assume that my session or session manager is under the impression that it is both running and not running an lxsession.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated, I have seen several threads with this problem, but the user was able to log out somehow-- I just cant, and the solutions in those threads didn't work anyway.


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