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Mouse buttons and Mumble

This is my first post on the forums and I must say you guys are very helpful, but I have this unique problem and have not been about to find any info on it. I use the mumble VoIP program to talk to my friends when we play games. My push to talk key is bound to my thumb button on my mouse, and it shows up as "mouse 7" in mumble. In KDE the PTT works fine when using any application but fullscreen applications. Is there a way to make it work when I play a fullscreen game? If i bind it to a keyboard key it works. I have tried xbindkeys but was unsuccessful because it only registers the mouse click as a single key stroke even though im holding it down. Thanks in advance.


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Re: Mouse buttons and Mumble

Fullscreen games on Linux have the really bad and annoying habit to fully grab the keyboard, which disables Alt-Tab, Volume keys or any keyboard shortcut.

There's a hack for that, I tried it but it completely broke a lot of things when some programs expect to grab SOME keys. … d_Grabbing

You are probably better triggering Mumble with voice levels instead, or via an hardware mic button that cuts the sound directly on the cable.


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