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Gnome 3.6 and missing functionality

Today I have made a global update of my arch. After update I found that my system is not working, it took me some time to figure out that problem was caused by new systemd (worse than old initscripts, but required now) and fix it. Its currently working, but the problem is in new Gnome.

First I found that nautilus is missing almost all functionality I was using (no close button, no "File, Edit..." menus, and when i press a letter insted of iteration over files starting with that chain of letters it closes current window and opens search. Question is how to fix that and make new nautilus work normally again.
Also, I found nautilus is not the only app missing menus and close/minimize... buttons.
Oh, and there is more problems with new systemd: after i used sleep in my laptop all windows are grey, I can open new windows but cant use old cose they are not rendered.
Lets hope thats all of my problems.


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Re: Gnome 3.6 and missing functionality

nothing you can do about gnome. menus are not gone. there is a little icon on right side of the window. and in nautilus there is the global menu (see panel) in addition to that... makes no sense at all, but thats how it is now. maybe its time to move on for you smile

files-bzr from aur is a nice gtk3 filemanager. spacefm-gtk3 from aur an even better one tongue

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