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How Do I Get Turbo Mode CPU Frequency Information? [AMD A6-3420M]

Hey guys. Just about everything reports my maximum frequency is 1.5GHz and under heavy load it shows my current frequency is 1.5GHz. I've read quite a bit of posts about similar CPUs and I'm assured that turbo is in fact working. Is there any tool available to measure it though? i7z is for Intel processors only and tpc outputs a lot of errors (and also doesn't seem to offer a convenient way to see the current frequency but I couldn't play with it much as most options output an error, it got my temperature just fine).

I just want to know because I do play with overclocking on Windows, I'd like to ultimately achieve such a setup on Arch. It's not an absolute need but I do like to know what frequencies my CPU is running anyways smile.


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Re: How Do I Get Turbo Mode CPU Frequency Information? [AMD A6-3420M]

try cpufreq-aperf, it gives me correct turbo for interlagos based cpus, but doesn't work for magny cours (aperf is not available).  i suspect aperf is available for the A6 (cat /proc/cpuinfo|grep aperf)


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