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Unable to set up LIRC on /sys/class/rc1 Help please!

Hi, i'm trying to set up lirc with the mceusb remote, NOT as a keyboard and mouse. Unfortunatly, my tv tuner card takes up lirc0 (or /sys/class/rc/rc0) with it's own IR port that i'm not using, leaving my USB reciever to go to lirc1 or rc1 (I have no idea what is what anymore). Is there anyway I can configure lirc, and irw to ignore lirc0 and work with lirc1?

Since i have no idea what to put in my config files anymore, could someone just tell me? I know my remote is on event13 (or lirc1) and I want to use the mceusb module, so that when I press the Red Button in irw, it returns "KEY_RED" for example.

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Re: Unable to set up LIRC on /sys/class/rc1 Help please!

Run this:

ir-keytables -s rc1 -p LIRC

I'm not 100% sure why the above works, but check here:

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