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pulseaudio crashing on start

I just installed pulseaudio 2.1-1 and pulseaudio-alsa 2-1 in order to work with a network sound server.

pulseaudio fails to load:

~$ pulseaudio -vvvv                           
I: [pulseaudio] main.c: setrlimit(RLIMIT_NICE, (31, 31)) failed: Operation not permitted
D: [pulseaudio] core-rtclock.c: Timer slack is set to 50 us.
D: [pulseaudio] core-util.c: RealtimeKit worked.
I: [pulseaudio] core-util.c: Successfully gained nice level -11.
I: [pulseaudio] main.c: This is PulseAudio 2.1
D: [pulseaudio] main.c: Compilation host: x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu
D: [pulseaudio] main.c: Compilation CFLAGS: -march=x86-64 -mtune=generic -O2 -pipe -fstack-protector --param=ssp-buffer-size=4 -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 -Wall -W -Wextra -Wno-long-long -Wvla -Wno-overlength-strings -Wunsafe-loop-optimizations -Wundef -Wformat=2 -Wlogical-op -Wsign-compare -Wformat-security -Wmissing-include-dirs -Wformat-nonliteral -Wpointer-arith -Winit-self -Wdeclaration-after-statement -Wfloat-equal -Wmissing-prototypes -Wredundant-decls -Wmissing-declarations -Wmissing-noreturn -Wshadow -Wendif-labels -Wcast-align -Wstrict-aliasing -Wwrite-strings -Wno-unused-parameter -ffast-math -Wp,-D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 -fno-common -fdiagnostics-show-option
D: [pulseaudio] main.c: Running on host: Linux x86_64 3.3.2-1-ARCH #1 SMP PREEMPT Sat Apr 14 09:48:37 CEST 2012
D: [pulseaudio] main.c: Found 4 CPUs.
I: [pulseaudio] main.c: Page size is 4096 bytes
D: [pulseaudio] main.c: Compiled with Valgrind support: no
D: [pulseaudio] main.c: Running in valgrind mode: no
D: [pulseaudio] main.c: Running in VM: no
D: [pulseaudio] main.c: Optimized build: yes
D: [pulseaudio] main.c: FASTPATH defined, only fast path asserts disabled.
I: [pulseaudio] main.c: Machine ID is 3ed5d7f9c5804ecc99be417f00000498.
I: [pulseaudio] main.c: Session ID is 3ed5d7f9c5804ecc99be417f00000498-1353237391.209236-2010856516.
I: [pulseaudio] main.c: Using runtime directory /home/scott/.pulse/3ed5d7f9c5804ecc99be417f00000498-runtime.
I: [pulseaudio] main.c: Using state directory /home/scott/.pulse.
I: [pulseaudio] main.c: Using modules directory /usr/lib/pulse-2.1/modules.
I: [pulseaudio] main.c: Running in system mode: no
W: [pulseaudio] pid.c: Stale PID file, overwriting.
I: [pulseaudio] main.c: Fresh high-resolution timers available! Bon appetit!
D: [pulseaudio] memblock.c: Using shared memory pool with 1024 slots of size 64.0 KiB each, total size is 64.0 MiB, maximum usable slot size is 65472
I: [pulseaudio] cpu-x86.c: CPU flags: CMOV MMX SSE SSE2 SSE3 SSSE3 
I: [pulseaudio] svolume_mmx.c: Initialising MMX optimized volume functions.
I: [pulseaudio] remap_mmx.c: Initialising MMX optimized remappers.
I: [pulseaudio] svolume_sse.c: Initialising SSE2 optimized volume functions.
I: [pulseaudio] remap_sse.c: Initialising SSE2 optimized remappers.
I: [pulseaudio] sconv_sse.c: Initialising SSE2 optimized conversions.
I: [pulseaudio] svolume_orc.c: Initialising ORC optimized volume functions.
D: [pulseaudio] database-tdb.c: Opened TDB database '/home/scott/.pulse/3ed5d7f9c5804ecc99be417f00000498-device-volumes.tdb'
I: [pulseaudio] module-device-restore.c: Successfully opened database file '/home/scott/.pulse/3ed5d7f9c5804ecc99be417f00000498-device-volumes'.
I: [pulseaudio] module.c: Loaded "module-device-restore" (index: #0; argument: "").
D: [pulseaudio] database-tdb.c: Opened TDB database '/home/scott/.pulse/3ed5d7f9c5804ecc99be417f00000498-stream-volumes.tdb'
I: [pulseaudio] module-stream-restore.c: Successfully opened database file '/home/scott/.pulse/3ed5d7f9c5804ecc99be417f00000498-stream-volumes'.
D: [pulseaudio] protocol-dbus.c: Interface org.PulseAudio.Ext.StreamRestore1 added for object /org/pulseaudio/stream_restore1
I: [pulseaudio] module.c: Loaded "module-stream-restore" (index: #1; argument: "").
D: [pulseaudio] database-tdb.c: Opened TDB database '/home/scott/.pulse/3ed5d7f9c5804ecc99be417f00000498-card-database.tdb'
I: [pulseaudio] module-card-restore.c: Successfully opened database file '/home/scott/.pulse/3ed5d7f9c5804ecc99be417f00000498-card-database'.
I: [pulseaudio] module.c: Loaded "module-card-restore" (index: #2; argument: "").
I: [pulseaudio] module.c: Loaded "module-augment-properties" (index: #3; argument: "").
D: [pulseaudio] cli-command.c: Checking for existence of '/usr/lib/pulse-2.1/modules/': success
Inconsistency detected by dl-open.c: 667: _dl_open: Assertion `_dl_debug_initialize (0, args.nsid)->r_state == RT_CONSISTENT' failed!

Any ideas?


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