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[SOLVED] Poweroff issue


I've got some problems with my shutdown. When I use poweroff, systemctl poweroff or shutdown -P now or even pressing the power button, it hangs. Only thing that works is poweroff -f.
Here's a dump from journalctl of last things before my "manual" shut: ( and a dump from yesterday: ).

Donno, if it's systemd's cause or LVM's... I've tryed this on 3.6.4 and even 3.0.51-lts kernel but with the same result.

Some info:
3.6.2-1-ARCH i686
systemd 195-2
lvm2 2.02.98-1


For those with similar problem. Error was with:
Nov 18 14:43:49 vitalic lvm[268]: There are still devices being monitored.
Nov 18 14:43:49 vitalic lvm[268]: Refusing to exit.

After some reading: I realised that there is a way to stop monitoring by simply:
# vgchange --monitor n

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