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#1 2005-09-21 14:52:26

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ATi Graphical Installer help

I have just found the ATi grahic installer.....great idea, but still lacks in effectiveness  lol

The Arch wiki does not explain clearly what to do after you run the installer

After installing with the graphical installer, and then deleting the files that were created, and then building the ati-drivers packages against kernel26, I was able to get ati-drivers working. There are two files from the installer that I did not delete:

what files need to be deleted??? how do I build against kernel26????  Basically, the wiki entry is very confusing

I was successful with getting through the graphical installation, but 3D acceleration does not work.  I have upgraded to kernel26archck before installation, but I am out of possible solutions...

can someone please clearify for me how to properly install with the graphical installer?


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