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#1 2012-11-20 15:58:20

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Yaourt takes several minutes before start downloading

Hello everyone, I'm having a problem when I want to deal with any package in AUR repo using yaurt. It takes several minutes before start downloading.

For example:

 $:> time yaourt -Ssa package-query
aur/package-query 1.1-2 [installed] (1656)
    Query ALPM and AUR
aur/package-query-git 20120121-1 (198)
    Query ALPM and AUR

real	1m5.524s
user	0m0.287s
sys	0m0.053s

Any suggestion???
Thanks in advance!!

*sory for my englsh, I'm from Argentina. ;D

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Re: Yaourt takes several minutes before start downloading

I know it doesn't answer your specific question but you could experiment with another AUR helper.  Or just use makepkg.

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