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jarvis - a perl driven monitoring tool

hi guys!

just wanted to tell you that I started a project some time ago, which is basically a very easy to handle monitoring tool.
the name is jarvis which is slightly stolen from iron man, but who cares wink

i already created a AUR package for it (jarvis-git) which clones from my github repository here:

for more information on this project, just visit the github page, there is some documentation included in the package which normally should be enough to get a grip on it.

i'm looking for testers/contributors. if anyone is interested, I would be more than happy for some feedback and/or help.
currently, jarvis just feeds his database and can work with event triggers, the reporting tool is still under development.

thanks for your time smile

EDIT: if you install the package from the AUR, you don't have to run the install_jarvis script!

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