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Monitor has no signal

Hi everyone,

I want to install a linux distro on my PC, but every distro I've tried so far doesn't work correctly, because the screen is black and says "No Signal". Even when I press Ctrl+Alt+F1 the screen stays black, so it's maybe nothing X11 related. Several Windows Versions (XP, 7) work fine and also OpenBSD for example works, but if I pick an up to date linux distro it doesn't. "Outdated" Linux distros like CentOS which is a server OS and known for its stability and long term support also work. I think that booting without X11 in console mode makes no difference, but I'll try that again. All live CDs I downloaded work fine, for example Mint, Lubuntu, Debian, but after installing and rebooting the screen is black.

My graphics card is a NVIDIA 9500 GT.
The monitor is a Packard Bell Viseo 220DX connected via DVI.

Maybe someone has an idea why the monitor gets no signal.
Please help me because I don't like my PC without linux sad

Many thanks in advance.

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Re: Monitor has no signal

Which video drivers are you using?

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