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#1 2012-11-30 21:36:20

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Packaging System76 driver, any tips?

Hey guys. I haven't packaged anything specifically for Arch before, but I package applications for Windows/SCCM, so the concept is familiar to me. This is a whole different beast, however.

The drivers are available from source or as a .deb here.

Their wiki page is here.

Anyway, I tried making the package last night, but wasn't able to get any success, though my method was very... rudimentary.

I initially tried extracting the .deb, which yielded some directories named opt and usr. So, I figured, those probably get stuck in /usr and /opt. So I made the install step do that, and I stuck their one binary file in /usr/bin.

This didn't work; it was complaining about syntax errors in some python files they had in /opt.

At this point, I conked out and went to bed. Unfortunately, I had been messing around with this in a location mounted as tmpfs, and I was annoyed enough and considering switching to Lubuntu in my sorrow, so I just let it burn.

(The AUR is too good, can't leave Arch.)

So I'm here for help packaging this, and I guess tips on converting a .deb into an Arch package.  Any help?


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Re: Packaging System76 driver, any tips?

Arch uses python 3 as the default while most other distros use python 2.

In this package the python files contain

#!/usr/bin/env python

On Ubuntu this will call python 2, but on arch it will call python 3. You'll need to use sed to change all these lines to

#!/usr/bin/env python2


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