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[SOLVED] Install xfce 4.10 and lost most permissions

Hello all,

I haven't used a DE before and decided to use xfce 4.10. Once I installed everything it seems to work properly but a few programs have stopped working without errors.

My dropbox daemon isn't updating my folder, firefox addons are not working (only some), my sound works intermittently (might be a different problem) and I cant update deluge preferences.

This looks like a classic permissions issue but I did nothing to the user.

I am launching from XFCE panels, not sure if this is it. I also had not issues until the DE was installed. (I previously used awesome WM)

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

Thank you!!


Turns out I am dumb and let my root directory run out of space. This made a lot of things run oddly. Also I updated my dropbox and it seems to be working quite well now!

Sorry for the noise! :)

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