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HOWTO: Nvidia 6629 on any Kernel

A new patch has been released on the Nvidia forum to use the 6629 nvidia driver on any kernel (this thread I have 6629 working on a custom 2.6.13-archck kernel right now, very useful if you had the "lockup all but mouse pointer", especially when using transparency/composite on newer drivers. Anyway here it is the howto modified from that thread...

1. Download the nvidia 6629 driver from the nvidia archive: … -6629.html
2. Extract the nvidia drivers: " ./sh -x"
2. Download the newer patch from the nvidia forum … ntid=13474
3. cp NVIDIA-2.0-6629-02.28.2005+warpxmod-09.24.2005.diff.txt /path/where/u/have/extracted/NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-6629-pkg1"
4. patch -p0 < NVIDIA-2.0-6629-02.28.2005+warpxmod-09.24.2005.diff.txt
5. Execute the nvidia-installer in the extracted directory
6. Edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf and add Option "NVAGP" "1" to the Device section and set Option "RenderAccel" "true" if you had to disable it previously.
7. Add nvidia module to rc.conf
8. If you are using udev, add the following to rc.local

# Create nvidia devices for v6629 driver
mknod /dev/nvidia0 c 195 0
mknod /dev/nvidia1 c 195 1
mknod /dev/nvidia2 c 195 2
mknod /dev/nvidia3 c 195 3
mknod /dev/nvidia4 c 195 4
mknod /dev/nvidia5 c 195 5
mknod /dev/nvidia6 c 195 6
mknod /dev/nvidia0 c 195 7
mknod /dev/nvidiactl c 195 255

NB It was mentioned you should uninstall your previous (newer) driver. I found it worked when installed on top of the newer version, but there you go. Also for some reason I get higher fps in glxgears with this driver.

Good Luck!

EDIT: Added steps 7 and 8.

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