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Seamless transistion from Gentoo to Archlinux

Hi all,

I've been a happy user of Archlinux for 2 months now, moving away from Gentoo and not looking back ,-)

I think I did the Archlinux install in a slightly unusual way: I wanted to install Archlinux with minimum downtime, with a chance to go back to Gentoo if necessary. That means no partition resizing to install on another partition, no wiping of the / partition, etc. And that also means I want Archlinux to be as close as possible to fully functional when I reboot.

What I did is the following:
- Install Archlinux in a chroot (/arch)
- Install needed packages (I looked at my current list of Gentoo packages, and installed the same packages on the chroot)
- Configure Archlinux as much as possible
- Reboot on a rescue CD, move away the Gentoo install (/) into /gentoo, and move the Arch install (/arch) onto /
- Reboot on Archlinux

I wrote up a more detailled explaination here: … art_4.html

Hope this could be useful to someone else! This has obviously been tested only once, so try it at your own risks ,-)


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