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Need help with kernel "hacks"

Hi! My first message! smile

I'm using Arch Linux for, like 6 months (after using Ubuntu for few years) and i like it. I also like arch wiki and community support too so i hope i can find answer to my questions here because today, I have stumbled upon something i can't find help for anywhere.

I'm using generic kernel. I know how to compile custom kernel, but recently i don't have much time for that... Today while looking at "dmesg" output I have noticed something:

[    0.494799] isapnp: Scanning for PnP cards...
[    0.809078] isapnp: No Plug & Play device found

My system boots up in 4 . 5 seconds. I put so much effort on trimming anything I don't need from my system (useless junk is the reason why i left Ubuntu) so there's no much speed difference in booting system and awaking it from sleep. I would like to get rid of that kernel module which is searching for "ISA" ports (?!) on my computer... Is there a way to avoid compiling custom kernel but disable "isapnp"?

Second question is about a TV card. I have a TV card that doesn't support Linux (no drivers, nor there will be any) but I use it in that other operating system (I don't  want to name it here wink ). Is there a way to blacklist a device, or particular PCI port? For Linux i'm using another PCI TV card, so blacklisting ALL PCI cards isn't an option. Is there a way to take some address from "lspci" and tell kernel to simply ignore that device like it's not plug in?


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