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open source/fully supported video card with HDMI

I am fed up with my current onboard Radeon 6xxx and their shitty proprietary drivers. The open source drivers don't have audio through HDMI, and so I'm stuck using Catalyst which causes a lot of headaches, especially like when it caused Xorg to fail. I also have a mini ITX board with one free PCI-Ex16 gen2 slot.

Can anyone recommend a video card with fully functional linux drivers, and when switching, how do I switch display adapters? Just remove catalyst, install the open source drivers, switch the cable and reboot?

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Someone on Reddit's r/hardware suggested a NVIDIA GTX 4xx, 5xx, or 6xx. Can anyone confirm this?

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Re: open source/fully supported video card with HDMI

You mean with the proprietary drivers for nvidia?

If you are thinking of the open source drivers, you need to check for support on the nouveau pages according to the specific card you are thinking of buying - some are supported better than others.

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