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#1 2012-12-10 21:03:39

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The Darling Project

I found out an interesting project call "Darling". As the homepage ( says... "is an open source Darwin / OS X emulation layer for Linux" similar to wine concept.

If some kind soul have the same interest as i have, but more knowledge in pkgbuilding, i would apreciate a PKGBUILD to test for myself.

Best regards to all archusers.

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#2 2012-12-10 21:23:45

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Re: The Darling Project

From the website:

Random visitors, please note: As of now, this website serves more as a development diary/notebook than something that should in the end be facing the end users :-)

From the faq:

What works so far?

Not much. You may have a chance to run many console apps, but right now, Darling is still something for hacking and not that much for using.

So, is too early for a pkbuild... but sounds promising! In some years it could be really useful!

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Open source is about opening the source code complying with this conditions, period. The ability to choose among several packages is just a nice side effect.


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